Here’s all you need to know about celebrity emcee Lincia Rosario’s recent virtual event with cricket legend Jonty Rhodes!


We have often witnessed how teamwork helps in achieving greater outputs than one can even imagine. Successful partnerships and collaborations enable organisations and teams to draw each other’s strengths and weaknesses, thus striking a balance between them. The virtual event that took place recently was a partnership event between ICICI Lombard and Fincare Bank. ‘We for Victory’ was the overarching thought of the event where the two financial institutions came together with having the fielding prowess Jonty Rhodes speak about the valuable life lessons he learnt in his legendary career. While it was all about partnership, the cricketer had some beautiful thoughts to share while interacting with Lincia.

During their interaction, the South African cricketer spoke in detail about not only embracing change but also initiating it. Practice anything you love as if your playing the real match and never be afraid to fail. Apart from this, Jonty Rhodes  stressed on our responsibility of taking care of the community. The last one and half year showcased how we as a community have helped each other in these challenging times.

When asked about her favourite takeaway from the event, the celebrity host stated that she loved the idea of stepping out of ones comfort zone to achieve the unimaginable. If one doesn’t go, how will one know.

With having hosted back to back virtual events for brands and corporates, the renowned host is surely keeping herself busy and is utilizing most of the time in entertaining the audience over the virtual space.

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