Why Khanna Gems Group’s Gem Selections rules the Gemstones Industry


Gem Selections is the retail brand of Khanna Gems Group and has been climbing up the ladder for decades, precisely 34 years. Their cumulative idea is to serve each client as if they were “the king” and the consumers will help them build their kingdom, which is exactly what has happened. 

Gem Selections has been the indisputable market leader in the Gemstones business for a long time, setting the tone for the whole industry and holding the biggest market share. Gem Selections provide gemstones that are the most economical in the market, with a variety of Govt. Lab certified gems

Gem Selections has sold millions of gemstones so far, but not a single client has ever complained about the product’s quality or authenticity. This demonstrates Gem Selections’ sincerity and reliability. 

Mr. Pankaj Khanna is the founder and chairman of the entire Gem Selections & Khanna Gems Group. He is the biggest authority in the world for astrology & gemstones. Under his able leadership, Gem Selections has been able to have a market share of more than 60% since past 3 decades.

An assorted selection of gemstones

Gem Selections has a wide assortment at the customer’s disposal. Some of their more popular products in India specifically from the astrological perspective are natural ruby, which has a striking red color.

 Natural ruby in your body, the Manipura or Navel Chakra is represented. It activates this chakra, which helps to clear your thoughts of self-doubt and sadness. Wearing this stone will give you a boost of self-assurance and enthusiasm for life.

Natural emeralds– imparting a soothing sea green colour- are often worn to improve one’s intellectual abilities. For obtaining insight, astrologers lay great faith in the emerald gemstone.

 Students studying for competitive examinations might also benefit from wearing an emerald stone. They have the most renowned yet effective quality blue sapphire– popularly known for resolving issues and fill in positivity- which as evident from the name is an authentic blue stone that has been recognized for removing negativity and any unknown worries.

Pukhraj stone guards the wearer against evil and brings marital pleasure and fulfillment to ladies. If the wearer is a woman, it bestows to her a loving and prosperous groom, as well as love, conjugal fulfillment, heirs, and marital bliss. It brings mental calm, bravery, and joy.

Other than this they also have a selection of opal and amethyst gemstones. Opals help those who wear them since they treat ailments with the eyesight, throat, spleen, bone marrow, pancreas, and reproductive organs. Amethyst is thought to help with headaches, sadness, grief, despair, and insomnia, as well as providing healing and restful sleep to those who wear it.

Marketing strategies of the company

Gem Selections has a massive impact and is widely regarded as the world’s sole expert on natural gemstones. Gem Selections emerged as an omnichannel brand having 527 dealers, 1904 affiliates, 18 showrooms, and two ecommerce websites: https://www.gemselections.in & https://khannagems.com.

Gem selections is not only known for its outstanding performances, but also has a proceeding reputation for being a vertically integrated brand– starting from refining, cutting, polishing, production into crafted jewellery, also turning it to production for the consumers- the in-house brand covers it all, on its own.

 Apart from being vertically integrated, Gem Selections is also horizontally integrated. People in India buy Gemstones only after astrological consultation so Gem Selections provides astrological consultation to the customers for a duration of 50 minutes at just Rs. 499. Gem Selections has a team of over 50 astrologers to give astrological consultation to people.

After astrological consultation, the customer selects which gemstone he/she should wear; Gem Selections has a mammoth range of more than 1,00,0000 Govt Lab certified gemstones from which the customer will select his/her gemstone; then the customer can decide as to which ornament he/she wants the gemstone to be embedded in. 

Gem Selections customer support team will ask the customer that whether the customer wants a ring, pendant or bracelet; then the customer selects the design, Gem Selections also offers the facility of “Create your own jewellery” using which the customer can give any design and Gem Selections will make that custom design; after selecting the design, the customer selects the metal (Gold/Silver/Panchdhattu/Ashtdhattu/Platinum/Copper) in which the ornament should be made. 

The ornament is manufactured at Gem Selections® factory then a Abhimantaran Puja is done to energise the gemstone by team of priests at Gem Selections, recording of which is sent to the customer.

 It is phenomenal that Gem Selections has made sure that they are present in the entire journey of a person thinking to buy a gemstone & actually buying it. The attention to detail that Gem Selections gives at each & every stage is unparalleled. Gem Selections’ way of working shows why they are the market leaders and will continue to be. Kudos to Shri Pankaj Khanna Ji and his family for creating a brand like Gem Selections: Khanna Gems.

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